Our Top Achievers

Our Top Achievers

by nicholasgoh

Nicholas Goh

Senior Financial Services Director

Nic is our all-in-one boss, coach and cheerleader.

An engineer by qualification, he is one of Singapore’s top performers in the insurance and financial service industry.

Since 1999, he has built up a highly successful financial services practice founded on integrity and excellence.

Under his leadership, the agency has repeatedly garnered top industry recognition including placing #1 out of more than 300 agency units within Prudential Singapore in 2007, and ranking as Million Dollar Agency 8 times.

Behind his success is a relentless passion to protect the livelihoods of families by meeting both their bread-and-butter needs as well as wealth preservation goals.

In a business that’s as challenging as it is rewarding, Nic has personally mentored over 300 financial consultants and financial services managers in building purposeful, adequately remunerated careers.

His leadership style is no-nonsense yet compassionate. He is extremely hard-working and consistent, and most importantly, is the type of leader who teaches others to fish.

Nic enjoys a good game of golf, and has recently been putting his Hainanese roots to good use in the kitchen (although he reckons his chicken rice still needs some work).

Lillian Cher

Lillian is as meticulous as she is a big picture thinker, and it is this mental agility that has positioned her as a trusted Financial Consultant at NGO. With her expansive knowledge in investments and financial planning, her clients know they’re in good hands.

Lillian’s background is uniquely diverse; she was a top realtor, heading up a business unit at a leading real estate agency and prior to that, had founded a successful interior design business featured in major publications including Prestige, Icon, Singapore Tatler, Home & Décor and Her World.

Lillian also functions as part business aide, voice of reason and spokesperson for Nic, to whom she has been married for 18 years. At heart, she is passionate about mentoring the next generation and coming alongside them in their search for clarity and calling in an increasingly complex society.

Her other passion—travelling—has brought her to over 40 countries and almost 200 cities. When she’s not sampling the culinary offerings of a foreign land, she loves indulging in her favorite Singaporean dish, Beach Road prawn noodles.

O Shu Xian

Elegant and always impeccably dressed, Shu Xian is our unofficial style guru. She became a Financial Consultant 13 years ago, knowing that she was not cut out for a desk-bound job.

Today, the mother of three is grateful for the career she has built up at NGO. She cherishes the friendships forged with her colleagues in the trenches of roadshows and trainings. Her passport boasts an enviable travel list which includes New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Paris, Milan, Rome, Spain, London and Switzerland.

Most of all, she takes pride in the everyday aspect of her work—keeping in touch with her clients, getting “down to the weeds” to ascertain their most critical needs and ensure that, at every milestone, they have optimal coverage.

When she is not playing PA to her kids, Shu Xian enjoys a quiet pocket of time hiking.

Serene Goh

Serene is considered a relative newcomer, having joined the NGO team in 2013 after a career in retail operations and merchandising.

As with most people who closely identify with being an introvert, listening is one of Serene’s superpowers. Not only has she built up a formidable knowledge base in financial products in a few short years, her genuine concern and empathy shines through in each conversation she has with her clients.

In 2016, she was recognized with the prestigious Prudential Service Mark, awarded to Financial Consultants who deliver only the highest level of care and professionalism to their clients.

Serene enjoys playing badminton and treasures spending time with family. She loves to travel and hopes to one day tour Europe and visit all its heritage sites.

Rachael Lim

It was her telemarketing prowess that landed Rachael an offer to join the insurance industry as a Financial Consultant.

Prior to this, she held administration and training roles with global banks and investment houses.

Rachael is of the firm belief that good trees bear good fruit. She focuses on the human touch and her clients’ best interest, and they sense that. Many of them have been with her through the ups and downs of life, and they see her as a customer advocate, a confidante and most of all, a friend.

Going hand-in-hand with her warm, sunny disposition is a love for the outdoors and in particular, the beach. Her advise for those starting their careers: “Go for it, stretch yourself. Youth is on your side and the sky’s the limit!”

Winnie Teo

There is something about the way Winnie talks that puts people at immediate ease. A consummate planner and organizer, Winnie was the go-to person for all things administrative and operational at NGO, before rising up to the challenge—and reward—of a client-facing role.

As a Financial Consultant, she is highly empathetic, patient, and thorough in assessing, identifying and fulfilling the needs of her clients.

Winnie’s story epitomizes the opportunity for career growth and development at NGO. Just last year, in a short amount of time, Winnie qualified for Prudential’s Quality Club Award and Quality Club Elite Award.

When she’s not hard at work, Winnie enjoys her ‘girly’ indulgences like foot massages and manicures.

Doreen Tay

Doreen was holding a well-travelled regional role in legal and compliance at a Japanese MNC when she made the switch to become a Financial Consultant to devote more time to her aging parents.

A steep learning curve and some 12 years later, she is still enjoying the gig and the freedom it affords her, especially as a mother of two.

A 7-time Star Club Award winner, Doreen is particularly emphatic about ensuring that her clients exercise strong prudence and due diligence prior to making a financial commitment, and has witnessed many clients benefit from her sound advisory skills.

She is also a savvy, super resourceful multi-tasker (as most mums are!) who always knows the best shopping deals in town. Fun fact: She is also a certified dating practitioner with a verifiable track record of success.

Christine Chia

Christine is perceptive, reliable and meticulous (perhaps owing to her training in accountancy), and this has translated into strong client confidence and loyalty.

She was enjoying a stable corporate career in HR when the allure of greater control and independence beckoned, and she joined NGO as a Financial Consultant.

It has been a balancing trick between calling her own shots and managing her own time and targets, but if there’s one mantra she holds fast to, it’s this: Don’t give up too soon, too easily.

Besides keeping herself abreast with current affairs and investment news, Christine is an avid reader who loves snuggling up with a good historical thriller, or chilling out at a cosy café with her husband.

Low How Han

How Han is the closest thing we have to “big brother” and “office clown” but he also goes by the pet name “Senior,” given that he has been with NGO for 16 years.

How Han has come a long way in the industry. While he held several policies even from youth, he was not completely sold on the idea of the insurance sector as a career—until an automobile accident drove home its value and importance.

Among his friends, How Han is a passionate advocate of financial stewardship and early planning. “Taking good care of yourself is the best thing you can do for your loved ones,” he says.

In recent years, How Han has taken to running, participating in more than 80 races and marathons till date. He finds it “addictive”—which is just as well considering that he is a self-proclaimed foodie.

Karen Tay

Office blues and slow afternoons don’t stand a chance when Karen is around, but behind her infectious laughter is one of the sharpest minds in the office.

A civil engineer in the earlier part of her career, Karen found her calling in a profession that nevertheless allowed her to leverage her critical thinking and analytical skills to the fullest.

She brings her engineering background to bear in her client consultations, unwinding the nuts and bolts of insurance, investment-linked plans and retirement planning for her clients in the clearest, simplest manner. Financial planning is all about risk management, she says.

Karen loves her tribe of eight nieces and nephew, and when she’s not spending time with them, she unwinds with the latest K-drama series.

Elaine Cheng

A firm believer in building relationships for the long haul, Elaine was a barista for one of the world’s most beloved coffee chains before making the jump to financial services 14 years ago.

What hasn’t changed is the high spirit she brings to each client interaction—engaging and joyful (it helps that her appearance totally belies her age), yet precise and thorough in ensuring each of her clients gets the best coverage for their dime.

For Elaine, it’s all about customer experience, from the initial touch point right through to the after-sales service and regular reviews.

Her efforts do not go noticed—in 2015, Elaine won the Prudential Service Mark, a coveted recognition bestowed on Financial Consultants who render top-notch standards of care, advisory and customer service to their clients. She was also honoured with the prestigious Premier Bronze Award in 2016 and 2017.

As one may expect, Elaine enjoys downtime with a cup of joe, or if the occasion permits, some good whiskey.

Summer Lee

One of the newest members on the team, Summer joined NGO in 2015, after a particularly refreshing sharing session by a fellow Financial Consultant, who took time to explain the real value of his work to her.

She enjoys the nurturing environment and the spirited team dynamics at NGO, which made a keen difference when she first started out in the industry, burning the midnight oil to understand and familiarize herself with all the financial instruments in the portfolio.

Summer derives her greatest sense of achievement when she sees her clients receive the necessary financial support in critical times.

Summer loves to be on the move; unlike the majority of the human population, she loves to work out. She also swears by eating durian with closed eyes—it elevates the taste and texture of the fruit.